“Extraordinary programming.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

“Not to be missed.” —Sacramento Bee

“A standout.” —Boston Globe

“What a century. What images, too, a crisp, swift three hours worth that unite us with our environment and prior selves as a nation. This program merges the strong storytelling of writer-producer Ronald Blumer and producer-directors Muffie Meyer and Ellen Hovde . . .” —The Los Angeles Times

“What’s most fascinating in all this is the inevitable comparison between then and now, and how the war of ideas that began soon after the new nation was established is still very much with us.” —The Wall Street Journal

“The program elevates itself above most television biographies by mixing the usual experts with actors who portray the central characters. The actors do nothing more than recite passages from letters and other documents of Franklin’s day, but they do it with an ease that . . . feels completely natural.” —The New York Times

“Behind the Scenes hits the ground running . . . these shows are pure magic.” —The New York Post