Earth Explorer

As part of the PBS science series Discovering Women, this hour-long documentary follows geophysicist Marsha MacNutt as she investigates the probable break-up of the North American continent.

McNutt, a tenured professor in earth sciences at M.I.T. and widow and mother of three young daughters, works on a project that includes a study of the critical juncture beneath Lake Mead, Nevada, where the earth’s geological plates are pulling away from each other. This profile follows her to Tahiti and the basin and range region of Nevada where she and her colleagues are studying the mysterious geological processes that shaped the earth in the past and that are continuing to do so.

Earth Explorer aired nationally on PBS in the spring of 1995.


The program…shows the human face of a life in science.
Ermal Garinger, Kansas University

The series…encourage(s) young women to pursue careers in science.
Charles H. Ball, MIT News Office