Here’s My Question: Where Does My Garbage Go?

A lively, entertaining film for children about garbage and recycling, with animation by New Yorker cartoonist Ed Koren, and music by Sesame Street composers. Numerous awards include the Oppenheimer Platinum Award.


Here’s My Question: Where Does My Garbage Go? is a lively and dramatic film for 3-to-8-year-olds. It tracks the parallel stories of a yellow trash bag (from home, to garbage truck, to garbage barge, to landfill) and a blue recycling bag containing, among other things, a plastic milk jug (from home, to garbage truck, to recycling center, to being recast as an entirely new object). There is also a mystery: something is going to happen to the plastic milk jug…what will it be? Three children accompany the trash bags on their respective journeys, and provide the commentary. The film features the animated drawings of New Yorker cartoonist Ed Koren and the music of acclaimed Sesame Street composers Christopher Cerf, Paul Jacobs, and Sarah Durkee.


Producer/Directors: Ellen Hovde, Muffie Meyer
Executive Producer: Greg MacArthur
Drawings: Ed Koren
Voice of Clarence: Christopher Philips
Music: Christopher Cerf, Paul Jacobs, Sarah Durkee
Editors: Margot Roth, Sharon Sachs
Director of Photography: Alan Deutsch
Associate Producer: Carolyn Arredondo
Production Manager: Jo Umans
Narration Written by: Margot Roth

A production of Middlemarch Films in association with Southpaw Productions.



A lively video that has plenty of big machines to catch the eye. At the same time, the bouncy original music, occasional camera tricks, and brisk pacing will keep viewers both interested and informed.
School Library Journal

Catchy tunes, quirky rewind images, and the presence of excited youngsters make this a great introduction to the garbage process.

A superb…documentary teaching young viewers about the processes of waste management and recycling.
Midwest Book Review