Six American Families: The Burks of Georgia

Televised nationwide as part of the groundbreaking PBS series Six American Families, The Burks of Georgia tells the story of three generations of the Burks, a poor white family struggling to feed and clothe thirteen children, living in rural Georgia.  The film was co-directed with the Maysles brothers and produced by Group W-Westinghouse. It won the Columbia-DuPont Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism.


As a hard-core print-believing reporter, I have to admit: Yes, it can be done. Yes, real people can be their real selves on film, complete with fights, tears, hugs, soft words and tough. I say this on the eve of the telecasting of…a…documentary series called Six American Families.
Paul Wilkes, The New York Times

Instead of focusing on the rich and powerful, the filmmakers chose to present lower middle class families in an effort to portray American life as it truly is.
Rob Ferrier, All Movie Guide

Taken together, they give us a broad picture of what our country is like two centuries after it was founded.
Paul Wilkes quoted in Constitution Region