The Hacker-Star Negotiation

Originally produced for the Morgan Guaranty Trust of New York and Harvard University, this 90-minute teaching video illustrates the art of a successful negotiation.  The film, developed by Harvard Law School’s Negotiation Project, is based on an actual Harvard case study.  The plot focuses on a professional dispute between the partners in the Hacker-Star Company, with the point being to present successful negotiation strategies as an alternative to litigation.

The cast includes Roger Fisher, Willistown Professor of Law, director of the Harvard Project and author of the bestseller Getting To Yes, and Boston attorney Anne Berry who both portray negotiators in the drama.  Professional actors play the Hacker-Star partners, who completely improvised the script.

The Hacker-Star Negotiation is an entertaining and informative educational tool for businessfolk, bankers, lawyers and students alike.


…an educational video that is as entertaining as it is informative… The Hacker-Star Negotiation has captured all the client’s points, but in a style that is more interesting, compelling and real than usual teaching films.
Marketing Communications Magazine

…an innovative teaching video…[The Hacker-Star Negotiation] differs from traditional executive teaching films in its improvisational style and in its original casting.

The Hacker-Star Negotiation [is] unique and ‘an accomplishment that takes educational video out of the flat world of training tapes, and into an experience that has captured the attention and interest of our most cynical bankers.
Sherry Leibowitz, Vice President of Corporate Communication for Morgan Bank, in Backstage